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Today I have not done so much! I have not blogged as much either! But Liza and I have been in town two times today! We would buy ice cream ^ ^ It was super good! : D But, but .. iman is the school and someone needs to remind me that I should have with me a "bag" to school! For Roy said we would have with us there, we'll type Restrict benches or something! This Friday is the last day of school, but I do not know what to wear! the shoes are all I know! + Hair then but anyway so the dress is important, I think! do not know why I write in English .. but it has Iowa <3 my friend did and I thought, why not try me with? : D Her blog is called: http://lowasfotbollsblogg.blogg.se! Check it out;) But iman right after school I go home, FINALLY MY BIKE fixed! but anyways .. so maybe I'm going to Kalmar with my mom and my sister! I know what dress I should wear! Just that I need my allowance then so I can buy it! Otherwise do it mom! Can not wait until AT FREDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG! : D aja, goodbye all cute <3

Postat av: Ida

Google translate? ;)

2012-06-11 @ 18:19:31
URL: http://idamatildapetersson.blogg.se/
Postat av: Lowa

Du härmade mig med att skriva engelskt inlägg på bloggen fat jag skrev även det fast tidigare än ditt inlägg! ;) <3

2012-06-12 @ 20:23:10

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